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A Silly Question by Nathanomir
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The Mighty Spectra 2.1 (Updated)

The Superior Spectra Girl
The night sky was a diet soda purple sprinkled with small, jagged stars. A wheel of Swiss cheese hung over an odd city skyline. Inside the Upstanding Chemical plant, a boisterous, sinister laugh could be heard over the bubbling of the vats filled with green sludge. With an oversized remote in hand, an anthropomorphized rodent in a tattered lab coat stood on a catwalk.
“You'll never get away with this!” a lady panda warned as she dangled over a vat from a steel cable. She was wrapped in chains and half a dozen locks.
“I wouldn't be so sure! In a moment, you be boiled in my giggle goo and then there will be no witnesses!” the rat said in a nasally voice.
He laughed again and pressed a big red button on the remote. The pulley system began slowly lowering Patricia Panda toward her bubbling doom.
“Help!” she cried in a shrill voice.
Suddenly there was a loud crash. Bits of debris tri
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For those of you that follow me, I wanted to explain why I've been scarce lately.

I recently had a large mass removed from my leg, around 50 pounds or 22.68 kilograms. I've been recovering and things were going ok but recently, some skin broke around the stitches near my knee and I'm experiencing a lot of fluid around those points. I'm constantly needing to change bandages which has proven time consuming.

I know I've said I was gonna provide some things and I'm running behind on them, but as soon as I'm capable, I'll try to provide them.
Hey, gang. I may not be as artistic as most of you, but I like being able to be creative, so I am currently doing a YouTube series based on my character Arklight.

If you are interested, you can check it out here: 
I appreciate any comments you have to offer.
Duster Flyby
Was playing CO, figured I'd post a screenshot I did while I played.
Watched the "ReBoot: The Guardian Code Official Trailer" on YouTube @

I could not be more disappointed at the Power Ranger-ification of the show I loved as a younger man. It has almost nothing to do with the original show.
Celebrating 51 years on this Earth and was thinking to have a picture done of my favorite female OC, Psi-kick. That being said, I've made a number of costumes of her over the years.
I've been contemplating doing a commission of her, but to be honest, I like all of the costumes I've made for her. I could use some help with trying to nail down a look that I might commission for a drawing.

1) Her most basic look, whether it be the all-black bodysuit or the crimson one I've used on my bio page, it represents a simple, pragmatic approach to her crimefighting initially
Doc Purple vs Psi-kick 02 by cptpatriotPsi-kick Bio by cptpatriot

2) Her black leotard look came from when I developed her background as an exotic dancer in Second Life, which I explained it stemming out of her subconscious need for attention brought forth because of her cousin's tampering with her psyche this is more apparent in...
Psi-kick fights in a factory by cptpatriot

3 and 4) where things changed. During regular tabletop roleplays where she wanted to be more socially accepted, less ninja-like
Psi-kick: Possible Future Costumes by cptpatriot

5) This costume came about during roleplay in a play by post game with SuperHeroineRPG. Nicole/Psi-kick reflects on her gamer self back when she was being homeschooled because she wasn't in control of her telepathic gifts growing up. I had her a big fighting game aficionado playing the female characters, such as Kitana, Mileena, Jade, Kasumi, Chun-li, etc, and chose a costume to reflect her love of those games.
  Psi-kick: Potential Costume for the Ryeverse by cptpatriot

6) This was the costume I made in Champions Online. This was actually inspired by Jodi Slayton when she went by Jet in Wildstorm Comics
Psi-kick by cptpatriot

7) I had gotten involved in a Second Life sim called the Republic of Hayao and came up with a more militant look for her to reflect the violent nature of that world
Psi-kick Hayao Portrait 01 by cptpatriot

Which of these do you prefer?


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Arcangel Ortiz
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