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Art Should Offend
It seems I have a stalker or two here on DeviantArt. Some moral crusader was triggered because I wrote up a fantasy involving latex, hypnotism, and eroticism so rather than control their emotions like an adult they decide instead they want to control my content. I'm kind of flattered really. I'm important enough to get noticed and to have someone who cares about me this passionately. It's been happening to a lot of people in my little circle lately.
It's my view though that art should offend some people. All art and literature has a bias and was created to illicit some emotion from the beholder and sometimes that emotion is revulsion. A piece of art that doesn't offend someone or stir up feelings is a failure.
If these creepers get their way though, it's no biggie. I started a Tumblr page so if anything gets pulled down here I will just put it up there and send people that way. I encourage others to do the
:iconthe-mighty-spectra:The-Mighty-Spectra 1 20



Tactical Psi-kick
For this entry, I've put up Nicole/Psi-kick. For comparison, I have from left to right her civilian dress, her current superhero costume, her tactical gear, and I've also added her deep water divesuit with thruster pack which I don't think the character would ever really wear except as a part of a well funded team but included because it looked cool to me.

I always envisioned her tactical garb for when she's preparing for a knockdown drag-out fight. Her combat precognition helps her out of most scraps by simply avoiding the attacks before they reach her, but the body armor would protect her from much of the heavier attacks made against her, with the mask & goggles to protect against gas attacks and eye irritants.

Here's what you have to do to participate:

1) Upload your entry to YOUR gallery
2) Tag amazonarrow or send amazonarrow a Note and your entry will be added to a "Tactical Heroines Contest Entries" folder to help promote you and your work!…
3) Cut and paste these rules into the description of your entry along with the hashtag #TacticalHeroines
4) Tag/mention three artists in your description that you would like to see participating in this contest!

There is no voting! This is just for fun! Everyone wins! There are no losers! 
I highly encourage you to watch, favorite and leave nice comments for the amazing artists that are kind enough to participate and share their work!

The three creators/characters I'm tagging for tactical redesigns are:
I'll fill them out later

Good luck everyone... and even if you don't participate, please help to spread the word!

Edit: The pictures were done using the Champions Online costume creator
Hello, my friends.
I will be endeavoring to create character sheets of many OCs as I have the energy to do so.

The 1st character I'll attempt is Duster

Mature Content

Duster Character Profile by Dangerguy01

She is the OC of Dangerguy01 who has written a number of books on the character of which I've managed to read Open Season & Harem. Please show Dangerguy your support. Thanks.

I will be using these Status Updates to keep you all up to date on where I am in my builds.

If you would like your character to be done next, please feel free to comment here and provide links to relevant information regarding their powers and skills. I cannot guarantee to do your characters, but if anything, we can have an open discussion and enjoy the banter. Thanks for your time.

Based on the bio and what I've read, she can control the wind managing once to quell a cyclone by pushing herself though it is not something she does often. She is also an expert in several martial arts though I don't know which ones and Olympic-level athletic ability. Her gear includes her brown leather "duster" coat which allows her better control the winds and to ride the wind gusts she controls and her visor which besides protecting her eyes from debris also provides IR vision and other untold visual enhancements.

From this, I can start piecing together her abilities. In my next update, I'll populate a Mighty Protectors character sheet and post it for everyone to look at. I'll need to look at the books again to see how powerful her abilities are so I can properly gauge them.

Until next time
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Celebrating 51 years on this Earth and was thinking to have a picture done of my favorite female OC, Psi-kick. That being said, I've made a number of costumes of her over the years.
I've been contemplating doing a commission of her, but to be honest, I like all of the costumes I've made for her. I could use some help with trying to nail down a look that I might commission for a drawing.

1) Her most basic look, whether it be the all-black bodysuit or the crimson one I've used on my bio page, it represents a simple, pragmatic approach to her crimefighting initially
Doc Purple vs Psi-kick 02 by cptpatriotPsi-kick Bio by cptpatriot

2) Her black leotard look came from when I developed her background as an exotic dancer in Second Life, which I explained it stemming out of her subconscious need for attention brought forth because of her cousin's tampering with her psyche this is more apparent in...
Psi-kick fights in a factory by cptpatriot

3 and 4) where things changed. During regular tabletop roleplays where she wanted to be more socially accepted, less ninja-like
Psi-kick: Possible Future Costumes by cptpatriot

5) This costume came about during roleplay in a play by post game with SuperHeroineRPG. Nicole/Psi-kick reflects on her gamer self back when she was being homeschooled because she wasn't in control of her telepathic gifts growing up. I had her a big fighting game aficionado playing the female characters, such as Kitana, Mileena, Jade, Kasumi, Chun-li, etc, and chose a costume to reflect her love of those games.
  Psi-kick: Potential Costume for the Ryeverse by cptpatriot

6) This was the costume I made in Champions Online. This was actually inspired by Jodi Slayton when she went by Jet in Wildstorm Comics
Psi-kick by cptpatriot

7) I had gotten involved in a Second Life sim called the Republic of Hayao and came up with a more militant look for her to reflect the violent nature of that world
Psi-kick Hayao Portrait 01 by cptpatriot

Which of these do you prefer?


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Arcangel Ortiz
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